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Custom Designs

Do you have a ring in your jewelry box that has lost its style or even a diamond or two? Let us help you create a new and exciting piece of jewelry that you can wear and show off. For the bride-to-be with the unusual shaped engagement ring, James Huntley can help you design and make a wedding band with a perfect fit. Sometimes something as simple as a new color gemstone can change the whole look of a ring or pendant and allow you to wear the piece again without spending a fortune!


Selling your jewelry can be a scary and risky process. We at Treasures want to help you not only sell your jewelry in a safe and jewelry-friendly environment, but we want you to make a reasonable return on your investment We carry a wide variety of pieces of jewelry in our Consignment cases, ranging from low-end prices to high-end, all of which are refinished in brand-new condition. Please stop by for a free consignment evaluation and obtain details of how we can add your piece or pieces of jewelry to our Consignment cases. For those shopping with a preference for older styles, estate pieces or unusual design, our selection includes many value-priced pieces to choose from.


Don't wait until you look down to discover your diamond is gone from your ring - or even chipped and then learn your basic insurance doesn't cover your loss. Bring in your precious and valuable pieces of jewelry and have them appraised so they can be properly insured against loss or damage. We can appraise estate pieces as well as newer pieces of jewelry. Please be sure to inquire about reputable insurance carriers specifically for jewelry; we recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company which you can learn more about online at InsureYourJewelry.com. Our appraisals are fully detailed written reports containing a color photo of each piece, providing you and your insurance carrier each with a copy. Please call us for a confidential appointment so you can wear all of your jewelry with peace of mind should something happen.


We are able to repair most pieces of jewelry with a reasonably fast turnaround time and make them look brand new again. With the use of a laser welder, we are able to repair many pieces that normally would or could be damaged using regular equipment. James Huntley has worked in the area for over 25 years, and is known for his superb craftsmanship and integrity. He can often repair the piece(s) while you wait, but if not in a couple of days, keeping the repairs in-house and not keep you waiting for weeks.